Why GameFi is the Next Big Thing?

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4 min readJan 20, 2022


Gaming and blockchain are among the most attractive domains for investment. “Play to earn” is the buzzword of both domains in 2021. Here are reasons why GameFi is the Blockchain’s next big thing.

GameFi is a combination of three massive markets — decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain-based games.

Blockchain has shown the world its power to shape the future. Together with DeFi, blockchain brings the concept of GameFi to reality, becoming one of the most anticipated arenas in the coming years.

Why does GameFi matter?

One of the biggest challenges for both game developers and gamers is gaining each other’s trust.

These games are managed by the central servers, which also manage the entire ecosystem. Most games have an internal economy that is managed by the game developers. It creates an untrusted environment.

In the centralized gaming industry, only the publishers and developers share in the success. Most gamers who invested immense time and money in such games are left with almost no returns.

Gamers interact with a system that they have no control over and have no way to return their investments. It lead to the creation of a decentralized gaming ecosystem.

Different from traditional online games, GameFi introduces the Play-to-Earn model. This has allowed gamers to earn a full-time income by contributing time and effort.

GameFi, which is the combination of gaming and decentralized finance, is a system in opposition to the centralized gaming industry. GameFi allows anyone to access and generate finance by playing games or participating in the GameFi ecosystems. GameFi has unlocked an opportunity for players, in which they play to earn, not pay to play.

Will GameFi Be The Next Big Thing?

Interest in blockchain gaming has been growing steadily through 2021. Blockchain gaming, NFT games, and play-to-earn keyword searches saw a significant increase around the first week of July 2021.

Gaming and blockchain are among the most attractive domains for investment. With the NFT boom, the obvious is becoming real. Games are now joining the blockchain-NFT ride and vice versa. “Play to earn” is the buzzword of both domains in 2021. GameFi is the next big thing.

But GameFi is only getting started.

The success of one of the top titles, like Axie Infinity, demonstrates the emergence. With the increasing impact of digital assets, financial specialists and NFT technology developers have sought to gain market share before their competitors make any move.

As a result, the pattern and interest have grown in popularity among both users and developers.

According to DappRadar, the number of transactions linked to games has reached 80–100 million.

Despite its enormous potential, GameFi, in general, continues to face issues that threaten its ability to grow in the future.

The majority of GameFi’s titles lack charm and appeal. In other words, the graphics and gameplay of P2E projects are unappealing and fail to entice players. Improving the game genre, as well as the graphics and gameplay, will be necessary for the near future for blockchain-based P2E projects to gain traction.

Handling interactions in the game also will be very different from dealing with regular transactions. It necessitates high speed and stability.

GameFi is clearly the next generation of games, bringing novel and diverse experiences. However, certain changes in the way it operates are required in order to reduce barriers to entry for new players.

Hidden gem in GameFi 2022

Salo Players — The Digital Guardian is the first Shooting Play-to-Earn Game on Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem. The game also provides a unique metaverse where players can freely collect, buy and sell their NFT.

Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph has greatly inspired Salo Players — Digital Guardian through its success in the Metaverse world where Shooting and Role-playing cross each other. Players will take place as a Guardian Gunner, who shows no mercy for the viruses harming the SALO Network.

By initiating the project with our base strength in Shooting games and Blockchain technology, Salo Player s— Digital Guardian Development Team wishes to demonstrate our vision for “GameFi”: the combination of entertainment (Game) and an effective, sustainable in-game economy (Fi).

By that, all participants of the Salo Player s— Digital Guardian ecosystem included investors, players, and developers are worthy rewarded for their contribution to the game and its ecosystems.

We also believe that Salo Players — Digital Guardian can solve some of today’s GameFi problems.

Salo Player s— Digital Guardian offers players fast-paced gameplay, low entry barriers, easy access, simple UI, and valuable NFTs. Our team is focused on both money-making strategies and the actual gameplay.

We can proudly say that Salo Player s— Digital Guardian is:

  • One of the best Shooting GameFi was ever made. With a third-person top-down view, including RPG mechanics such as stats/level up.
  • Expanding storyline throughout the development of the game with the theme of CyberPunk and Sci-fi.
  • Captivating gameplay: PVE, PVP, Guild Rank, Metaverse, Co-op battles other online players.
  • Innovative Play-to-earn model with applications of NFT and cryptocurrency, aiming for a high-speed action game flow.
  • BEP2-based token to easily approach the vast crypto community; Private chain Dapps ensuring stable game operation and optimizing players’ returns with near-zero gas fee.

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