Why GameFi is the Next Big Thing?

Why does GameFi matter?

One of the biggest challenges for both game developers and gamers is gaining each other’s trust.

Will GameFi Be The Next Big Thing?

Interest in blockchain gaming has been growing steadily through 2021. Blockchain gaming, NFT games, and play-to-earn keyword searches saw a significant increase around the first week of July 2021.

Hidden gem in GameFi 2022

Salo Players — The Digital Guardian is the first Shooting Play-to-Earn Game on Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem. The game also provides a unique metaverse where players can freely collect, buy and sell their NFT.

  • One of the best Shooting GameFi was ever made. With a third-person top-down view, including RPG mechanics such as stats/level up.
  • Expanding storyline throughout the development of the game with the theme of CyberPunk and Sci-fi.
  • Captivating gameplay: PVE, PVP, Guild Rank, Metaverse, Co-op battles other online players.
  • Innovative Play-to-earn model with applications of NFT and cryptocurrency, aiming for a high-speed action game flow.
  • BEP2-based token to easily approach the vast crypto community; Private chain Dapps ensuring stable game operation and optimizing players’ returns with near-zero gas fee.



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Salo Players

Welcome to Salo Players The first Shooting Play-to-Earn Game on BSC Ecosystem. Telegram: t.me/Saloplayersann Twitter: https://twitter.com/saloplay