The GameFi Trilemma

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4 min readFeb 2, 2022


Ever heard of the Blockchain Trilemma? Well, today’s issue is The Blockchain Game Trilemma, aka The GameFi Trilemma.

What direction should the Game-Fi go?

The Blockchain Trilemma by Vitalik Buterin is a list of issues that most blockchain developers are likely to encounter, namely decentralization, security, and scalability. In Buterin’s view, it is very hard to achieve all three aspects, and in most cases, blockchain developers can only achieve two out of the three.

However, since the rise of De-Fi and Game-Fi, we are now facing a new Trilemma — The Game-Fi Trilemma. When the fine line between game and finance is blurring, we are in a whole new spectrum where gamification and financial incentive can be leveraged to achieve certain goals.

What direction should the Game-Fi go? To answer this, we believe we must solve the Game-Fi trilemma about: Playability, Profitability, and Accessibility.

The playability has two layers. The first layer is how smooth the game is running on the blockchain. If players are constantly facing the long network congestion, volatile gas fee, and convoluted process of buying/selling game assets, then the game is not really playable. The second layer is how fun the game is. It is interesting to see how people changed their perspective when it comes to Game-Fi — the gameplay seems less important than the play-to-earn component. The financial part is indeed the driving force to keep people grinding in the game, but the game will face inevitable doom once its profitability drops — declining profitability makes players leave, and in turn, creates less demand. This eventually leads to a downward spiral and pushes more players to leave. It is true players will eventually leave the game, but the playability acts as a retainer to keep them longer. In short, the playability determines how long a player stays in the game even the game’s profitability drops.

The profitability is the financial return for the money, time, and energy the player invests in the game. The one issue with profitability is, to make the game play-to-earn, the game must quantify the player’s in-game performance. For example, completing a set of daily tasks or winning a PvP battle must be result-orientated. In modern games, the game experience comes from both the game process and the result. Since there is no “real” reward for the result, the game process and the result are more or less of equal importance. The Game-Fi concept breaks this balance, both game developers and players are tunnel-visioned in the result of the game, it is true higher profitability is the shortcut to success in Game-Fi, but it also limits the game to put repetitive grinding tasks for the player to complete. In short, the profitability determines how long the players will put up with the game’s grinding mechanics until they burn out.

The accessibility refers to the barrier that prevents people to participate in Play-to-Earn games, this sounds strange because, crypto players already know how to use a decentralized wallet or swap, deposit, and withdraw fiat or crypto assets — we have taken all these for granted. But what happened to the non-crypto players that missed out on GameFi? Why is this demographic never taken into consideration when GameFi developers design its game? What will be the impact if there is a GameFi project which can accommodate both non-crypto and crypto players?

The Game-Fi trilemma we are facing today is:

1. The playable and profitable game has poor accessibility (current Game-Fi projects)

2. The playable and accessible game has poor profitability (traditional games)

3. The profitable and accessible “game” has poor playability (traditional free earning apps)

How Salo Players — The Digital Guardian solve this?

Salo Players is the first Shooting Play-to-Earn Game on Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem. The game is also a Metaverse world where Shooting and Role-playing cross each other.

Salo Players — Digital Guardian Development Team wishes to demonstrate our vision for “GameFi”: the combination of entertainment (Game) and an effective, sustainable in-game economy (Fi). By that, all participants of the Salo Player s— Digital Guardian ecosystem including investors, players, and developers are worthy rewarded for their contribution to the game and its ecosystems.

We also believe that Salo Players — Digital Guardian can solve some of today’s GameFi problems. Salo Players — Digital Guardian offers players fast-paced gameplay, low entry barriers, easy access, simple UI, and valuable NFTs. Our team is focused on both money-making strategies and the actual gameplay.

We can proudly say that Salo Player — Digital Guardian is:

  • One of the best Shooting GameFi was ever made. With a third-person top-down view, including RPG mechanics such as stats/level up.
  • Expanding storyline throughout the development of the game with the theme of CyberPunk and Sci-fi.
  • Captivating gameplay: PVE, PVP, Guild Rank, Metaverse, Co-op battles other online players.
  • Innovative Play-to-earn model with applications of NFT and cryptocurrency, aiming for a high-speed action game flow.
  • BEP2-based token to easily approach the vast crypto community; Private chain Dapps ensuring stable game operation and optimizing players’ returns with near-zero gas fee.

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