The GameFi Trilemma

What direction should the Game-Fi go?

The Blockchain Trilemma by Vitalik Buterin is a list of issues that most blockchain developers are likely to encounter, namely decentralization, security, and scalability. In Buterin’s view, it is very hard to achieve all three aspects, and in most cases, blockchain developers can only achieve two out of the three.

How Salo Players — The Digital Guardian solve this?

Salo Players is the first Shooting Play-to-Earn Game on Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem. The game is also a Metaverse world where Shooting and Role-playing cross each other.

  • Expanding storyline throughout the development of the game with the theme of CyberPunk and Sci-fi.
  • Captivating gameplay: PVE, PVP, Guild Rank, Metaverse, Co-op battles other online players.
  • Innovative Play-to-earn model with applications of NFT and cryptocurrency, aiming for a high-speed action game flow.
  • BEP2-based token to easily approach the vast crypto community; Private chain Dapps ensuring stable game operation and optimizing players’ returns with near-zero gas fee.

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Salo Players

Salo Players

Welcome to Salo Players The first Shooting Play-to-Earn Game on BSC Ecosystem. Telegram: Twitter: