Salo Players — The Digital Guardian Introduction

The Market

According to the Fortune Business Insights report, the global gaming market was valued at 203.12 billion US Dollars in 2020.

The GameFi

In the centralized gaming industry, only the publishers and developers share in the success. Most gamers who invested immense time and money in such games are left with almost no returns.

The Problems

Common problems across the current GameFi ecosystem are:

  • There exists no vehicle to transport value across games on different ecosystems. GameFi developers till now have focused on building an ecosystem of their games, and incentives based on those games, unintentionally creating the very centrality that they rally against.
  • Huge waiting times for finality, slow-paced games.
  • High barriers to entry, skyrocketing transaction fees.
  • Focus on money-making strategies as opposed to actual gameplay.
  • The complicated nature of blockchain discourages participation.

Salo Players Introduction

  • Expanding storyline throughout the development of the game with the theme of CyberPunk and Sci-fi.
  • Captivating gameplay: PVE, PVP, Guild Rank, Metaverse, Co-op battles other online players.
  • Innovative Play-to-earn model with applications of NFT and cryptocurrency, aiming for a high-speed action game flow.
  • BEP2-based token to easily approach the vast crypto community; Private chain Dapps ensuring stable game operation and optimizing players’ returns with near-zero gas fee.



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Salo Players

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