Salo Players Community Alpha Test — 2000 BUSD Bug Bounty Program

How to participate?

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For Alpha Testers who have the most valuable contributions by reporting bugs or providing feedback


  • Players must report bugs or feedback about any game features that need to be improved via the correct form:
  • Participants must provide their own screenshot of the game (any fake evidence will not receive rewards)
  • Salo Players team reserves the right not to reward for any “bug reports” that do not have a clear & accurate description.
  • Bugs can be about all game issues, such as game system, server, game features, UI, hack/cheat,…
  • If Salo Players receive duplicate reports of a specific vulnerability, only the most valuable report is eligible for a reward.

Reward Distribution

💰Winners of each category will be rewarded in BUSD. Distribution won’t be difficult at all, as we will airdrop your prize directly to the wallet you provided. All the prizes will be distributed within 5 days after the event ended (April 17th — April 22nd)


The Demo Version is an Android Package file (APK) that works perfectly on Android Smart Phone.

Goodluck and have fun!

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